While we cannot host events at the moment, we are very busy behind the scenes to bring you different adventures and experiences. We will be back one day with an updated version of the Stellenbosch Wine Festival where we can all meet, sip, savour and enjoy the great wines of Stellenbosch.

In the mean-time please support our beloved wine industry by ordering wine online for, or take a drive to Stellenbosch for a weekend or holiday break. Fresh air and open spaces are in abundant supply and a lot of the farms are still open for casual hiking, running or cycling; or dining (albeit without wine) and a host of activities for the whole family. #VisitStellenbosch

Go to visitstellenbosch.org to plan your holistay in Stellenbosch

Exports are allowed and is a lifeline to many. So, if you are visiting this page from outside of South Africa, please show support to the Stellenbosch (and South African) wine industry. Choose a bottle of wine from Stellenbosch. #DrinkSAwine